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Change is Coming

By Brent Higgins

here are changes coming to TV reception on the Sunshine Coast which may impact on the quality of reception for some or all tenants and homeowners. Our friends at Jim’s Antennas Sunshine Coast have explained the changes below.

You may have noticed some advertising on TV recently telling us that we will have to retune our televisions during July in order to keep receiving regular broadcast. There are a few significant details which you may not know.

Retune Schedule

For those properties receiving from the following Transmitters

− 9th July 3.30 pm…..Dulong, Noosa, Black Mountain
− 17th July 5.00am ….Bald Knob ( Brisbane re transmissions Channels 7,9,10)
− 22nd July 3.30pm….Bald Knob ( Sunshine Coast transmissions )
− For more information please follow this link to the Government website

The reason why we are having to Retune and what you may not find out so easily

− Telstra and Optus have bought part of the UHF spectrum . Specifically the part that our TV channels currently occupy.

− They will be using this area of the UHF spectrum to broadcast their new 4G networks .

− Most people will have to retune their TVs in order to receive continued broadcast. Some in the Coolum / Peregian / Sunshine / Sunrise / Marcoola / Mudjimba / Pacific Paradise areas will not as they may be receiving from the new transmitters at Coolum or Peregian which are already broadcasting in their final frequencies .

The real problem will occur when Telstra, Optus etc start broadcasting in January 2015.

− Their powerful signals will interfere with our relocated frequencies .

− To counter this a filter will need to be fitted in order to cut out what we currently need .

− This filter can take a number of forms. Basically it can be fitted before an older amplifier on the mast or the amplifier can be replaced with one equipped with an inbuilt filter .

− I have been fitting amplifiers ( where necessary ) with filters for well over 6 months . I need to go back to activate the filters some time between End of July and End of December 2014 . This will incur a service call fee .

For your information I have listed a guide for prices to install new / activate existing filters.

It is important to note that some circumstances may require additional work on which I will be happy to provide a thorough quote .

− Kingray 4G amplifier fitted inc GST $195.00

− Digimatch 4G filter on mast fitted inc GST $150.00

− Service call to activate existing in amp filter $85.00

− For more information please follow this link to the Government website

If we can arrange any help for any of these issues please do not hesitate to call the Ray White Maroochydore Property Management team today, on 5443 2000.
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